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The pictures on this page show a small selection or our work and craftmanship.

Use the "Info"-button on the top left corner for picture discriptions.

Cougar Boat, 22 and 27 mtr. Cougar Powerboat Cougar Powerboat Mold and finished part Bigfoot RV, 3000 Series Exterior Houseboat Command Bridge, Legacy Class Installing steel cribbing on boat mold Underground distribution box Architectural Ornament Custom truck canopy design Snowmobile Tunnel Mold Custom RV camper mold Custom Hot Tub Hot tub mold, removable insert High density Urathane foam, surface pulled from silicone mold Upper command bridge, Waterway Houseboats Upper command bridge (helm), Waterway Houseboats Waterway Houseboats Custom box design Thermoformed decorative automotive parts Mold for decorative automotive parts Dashboard for houseboat helm, Waterway Houseboats Dashboard for houseboat helm, Waterway Houseboats Bigfoot RV Cougar Boats Cougar Boats Cougar Boats
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